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Warm-up before the game
For a good game of Golf, you need to monitor your physical shape. Since the game involves constant bends, body turns, and muscle stretching, it's best not to forget about…

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Clubs in the hands of kids
The First Tee is a unique American program aimed at attracting children to Golf lessons. Executive Director of the program Joe Luois Barrow is convinced that the passion for this…

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Egypt. Round with Pharaoh
When it comes to Golf, in most cases, there are persistent associations with Prim England, aristocratic Wales, Scotland, or, in extreme cases, with the United States. And, of course, I…

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Best holiday gifts for golfers in 2013

The Internet is full of ideas of useless and unnecessary gifts. But how do you choose something truly interesting and unique? Believe me, this article will make your life easier. At the same time, we will save your time and money. After all, the cost of the proposed gifts varies from $ 28 to $ 2000.

Don’t know what to give your favorite (friend, boss, partner) who loves Golf? Give me a stick! A few years ago, I would have strongly discouraged you from buying a driver as a gift. After all, for each golfer, you need to select the clubs according to the height, length of the hands and other characteristics. But with The introduction of the TaylorMade driver, everything changed. The “TaylorMade SLDR driver” stick can be configured for any player’s requests. Continue reading

Golf clothing in history

Today, male golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with the logos of sponsors. For cool weather, golfers wear a vest, cardigan, or jacket . Women prefer t-shirts with or without a collar in combination with trousers, shorts and skirts. In recent years, so-called skirt-shorts have become popular, combining the appearance of the skirt and the convenience of shorts.

The first golfers wore clothing with the attributes of Scotland, the birthplace of the game. To protect themselves from the sea wind, men wore breeches or shorts below the knee and heavy tweed jackets. Continue reading

Equipment for the game

Every aspiring golfer is faced with the problem of choice. How not to make a mistake and not spend too much. This is what we will talk about today.

If you still have not determined the importance of Golf in your life, we advise you not to buy equipment, but to rent it at your Golf club. If you decide to include Golf in your life for a long time, we advise you to listen to the following tips.

Golf club
The beginner’s kit must have the following clubs: three “wood”clubs(Driver), nine “iron” clubs, and one “putter” club. The driver is the longest stick. Continue reading

Golf for the blind

Golf for the blind is strictly regulated by the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf club, St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association. They issued a “Modification of the rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities”. These rules allow the coach or assistant of a blind golfer to be near him on the stroke line without penalty. Each player has a sighted coach / assistant describing the position of the hole, helping with the selection of the putter, and ensuring that the head of the putter is directly behind the ball. After all the necessary instructions, the blind golfer strikes.

There are three categories of blind golfers depending on the degree of vision loss – B1, B2, B3. Continue reading

Lesson learned: playing in the wind

I love watching the PGA Tour in Hawaii. Even though the season technically started a few months ago, I’ve only just realized it.

Anyway, another reason I love watching golfers play in Hawaii is that I can learn a lot from what I’ve seen-not just for my own game, but also as a teacher who helps others. For example, the style of playing “light breeze” in Hawaii is not much different from Golf, which is played in Florida. One of the problems I work on with my students all the time is Golf in the wind. The way golfers deal with Hawaiian-branded winds and still earn an incredible amount of points shows us all that the wind shouldn’t spoil the game. Nary. Continue reading

Best holiday gifts for golfers in 2013
The Internet is full of ideas of useless and unnecessary gifts. But how do you choose something truly interesting and unique? Believe me, this article will make your life easier.…


Wise tips for beginners
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