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World Golf tournaments
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Major tournaments in professional Golf

The development of Golf and its popularity began to grow rapidly since the founding of the British Association of professional golfers (in 1901). In America, such associations and societies began to appear 15 years later. The development and popularization of competitions began even later, in the 20-30s. The prize Fund of such tournaments was initially insignificant, but it increased from year to year.

There are still four of the world’s strongest Golf tournaments, the so-called “Grand slams”. It includes:

Master Tournament-Masters Tournament,
United States Open – the open championship of the USA,
British Open – British open championship,
PGA-Association of professional golfers.
The United States Open, British Open Master, and Golf Tournament Championships are open to professional golfers and Amateurs. In the entire history of the four tournaments, no one has managed to win all four of them in one year and get a “Grand slam”. The US PGA Association appeared in 1916. The US PGA Association tournament is the most prestigious and expensive in the world.

The “Grand slam” also exists for girls. It includes: United States Women’s Open – (US Open women’s championship) and LPGA (Women’s Association of professional golfers).

Every year, the popularity of Golf in the world is growing rapidly, as well as the fees of professional players. The number of people who want to compete for prizes at tournaments increases every year. Now there are many competitions for both professionals and Amateurs:

For Example, The Walker Cup Tournament. This is a competition for men. Teams from the United States, great Britain and Ireland take part in it.

Another famous tournament was the Curtis Cup. This is a women’s tournament.

Next in the list is the Ryder Cup tournament. Only professionals from the United States, great Britain, and Europe participate in this event.

Another interesting event is the Presidents Cup. This tournament is known for the fact that teams from all over the world compete for the Cup in this tournament, with the exception of European teams. The tournament is held every two years. And the Solheim tournament is an open competition between the strongest powers. Golfers from the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom compete in it.

It is worth noting that in the 80s of the last century, the PGA created a new tournament, not like all the previous ones. It was a PGA for seniors! Everyone who is 50 years of age or older can participate in the tournament. Ten years later, there was a similar tournament for young golfers – the Nike Tour.

From all of the above, it is clear that Golf knows no boundaries. This is an exciting game for people of all ages!

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