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Golf lessons and techniques
Lesson 1. How to hold a stick The basis of the technique of playing Golf is the contact of the hand with the club (grip or grip). The correct grip…

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Golf lessons and techniques

Lesson 1. How to hold a stick
The basis of the technique of playing Golf is the contact of the hand with the club (grip or grip). The correct grip will increase the effectiveness of strikes and the performance of the game as a whole.

There are three types of grip:

lock (interlock);
baseball grip (baseball grip).
The most common is overlap. The grip of the stick should be as if you are right-handed, but greet someone with your left hand. Start the grip with your left hand. The position of the stick in the hand should be comfortable. The far part of the grip is fixed with the little finger. The middle phalanx of the index finger touches the club. The position of the thumb on the grip corresponds to the upper plane of the grip with a slight shift to the left of the center. The Latin letter ” V ” between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand should point to the right ear. The thumb and forefinger are almost touching. The little finger on the right hand connects to the index finger of the left hand. The position of the hand on the grip should be as natural and comfortable as possible, ensuring the effectiveness of strikes.

In the ideal hand position, you should see the bones of the index and middle fingers on the outside of the right hand. The right hand falls on the left. The life line of the right hand covers the thumb of the left hand.

Lesson 2. The position of body before impact
The position of the body before the stroke should perform three main tasks: to prepare the body for the swing, to ensure aiming and to set the optimal trajectory of the club. It is the position of the body before the kick that ensures the accuracy of the kick and the range of the ball. A golfer does not have the right to make a mistake and try again, you need to cherish every shot. So the correct stance is initially very important.

The position of the body for the “full swing” technique (with the maximum swing and amplitude) should be as follows: hold the club at chest level directly in front of you, your back is straight. Strike with any type of grip from the list in the first lesson. Chin a little higher, never lower, the lower part of the body moved backward (straight back), arms relaxed, slightly hanging, wrist pointing down, legs slightly bent at the knees (the position of the legs resembles the letter “X”.), the emphasis of the body on the full foot. The position of the hands and the stick in the grip form a figure similar to the Russian letter “U”. The left shoulder is slightly raised. The left hand holds the club higher than the right (the club becomes a continuation of the left hand).

Starting position of the ball
The position of the ball depends on the type of stick you use to hit it. If you play with short sticks (wedges), the ball is placed in the center of the rack, at the same distance from your right and left feet. If you use long sticks, the ball moves to the left side, closer to the left foot. There is a certain pattern: the longer the stick, the more to the left the location of the ball before hitting.

Aiming ensures that the ball will reach the target after hitting it. Stand slightly sideways to the goal. Take a position where the ball and goal will be in front of you. Draw an invisible line between the ball and the hole. Go to the ball from a convenient side, set the stick behind the ball so that the front part looks exactly at the goal. Take your position for a strike, with the shoulders, feet and hips should be parallel to the line of sight. Now you can strike.

An open stance is a stance in which the leg closest to the goal is slightly set aside and the shoulders are in line with the goal. This rack is used during the chipping technique. The ball is always deflected from the goal to the side.

A closed stand is a stand where the ball rotates and deflects to the left after being hit. To make such a stand, you need to bring the foot that is closer to the goal to the conditional line between the stick and the goal. This gives the impression that the sight goes to the right side.

In addition, the choice of rack depends on the stick that you will play. The longer the stick, the wider the rack.

The grip is also divided into 3 types: overlap (overlap), lock (interlock), baseball grip (baseball grip).

Overlap implies a hand position in which the little finger of the right hand is placed on top of the index and middle fingers of the left hand. And the ring finger on the right hand connects to the index finger of the left hand. This grip requires some skill and skill, so it is used by professional golfers. The overlap resembles the “lock” grip technique, with one difference: the little finger of the right hand should be lower than the index finger of the left hand.

The lock grip technique is suitable for women and golfers with not very strong hands. In this grip, the little finger of the right hand is connected to the index finger of the left hand. This grip is much lighter than all the others. The thumb is located to the right of the center of the grip. The index, middle, and ring fingers firmly grip the handle of the club. The little finger of the right hand is connected to the index finger on the left hand. You will need some time to master this technique.

A baseball grip is a grip where the index finger of the left hand touches the right hand. All fingers are involved in the grip of the club, but the head of the club is difficult to control. Ideal for players with small hand strength.

If you imagine that the stick is in your left hand, place your right hand below the left, holding the stick handle with all your fingers. The grip should be strong enough to make a swing and hit the ball.

Swing is the first stage in swing. In fact, this is the action when the stick is taken away from the ball. For a good swing, you should always draw an invisible line between the ball and the stick. The better the swing, the longer the flight of the ball.

Downswing is the process of hitting the ball.

And the last stage of the swing is the posting. This is the final movement of the stick after hitting the ball. When wiring, make sure that the hands are at the final stage near the head.

Full swing-a technique of hitting with a full swing. This is one of the most important tasks in Golf. Full swing includes 3 phases: swing, downswing, and wiring.

Pitching (or pitch-hitting) is used for playing at large distances from the hole. In this case, the ball flies relatively low, and, landing, still rolls on the green.

And for playing at short distances, use the technique of chipping. The ball flies low, lands and rolls to the hole.

If you find yourself in a difficult position on the field, you should use Rafa techniques or punches in the bunker. These are some of the most difficult positions, but it is very important to be able to use them to your advantage.

I think you have seen that there are many nuances and differences in the techniques of playing Golf. But, anyway, the best advice for a beginner is the following: do not give up, try, strive for perfection! You can always ask for help from more experienced players. And, who knows, you may be a future champion. Believe in yourself!

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