Major tournaments in professional Golf
The development of Golf and its popularity began to grow rapidly since the founding of the British Association of professional golfers (in 1901). In America, such associations and societies began…

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Golf lessons and techniques
Lesson 1. How to hold a stick The basis of the technique of playing Golf is the contact of the hand with the club (grip or grip). The correct grip…

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"Meet by clothes" or the unwritten dress code in Golf
There are no official documented rules regarding Golf attire to date. However, all who fall into the society of fans of this aristocratic game, still face certain foundations that prevail…

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Golf and its “non-Chinese” ceremonies

Got an invitation to a round, but with Golf, you’re still on “you”? Well, at least, you will find a fascinating observation on the sidelines for lovers of social entertainment. If you decide to take a direct part in the game, but do not want to pass for an ignoramus, then you should familiarize yourself with some rules of conduct on the field and on the rest of the Golf club. One of the features of Golf is the culture of relationships between players, so knowing the subtleties of etiquette will allow You to feel absolutely “at ease”. I must say that no one can overcome all the variety of nuances at once: understanding comes with the experience of the game.

To begin with, it is enough to follow the basic recommendations and no complaints will arise to You as a beginner. And then, if you have any questions, you can always ask them without hesitation.

So, let’s start with the fact that no one expects you to master the game.

rather, the pace of the game will be a sign of good form. We are not talking about the fact that You hurriedly hit on the balls and in a hurry ran to them. It is enough to make a couple of training swings and be ready to play at the time of Your turn. There will be plenty of time between strikes to chat, however, if the player is going to make a hit, You must remain silent.

If you take part in a friendly round on the green, short (half a meter or less) putts are usually given or declared “given”. In other words, when you are told “this is good”, it means that after you score a putt, you can pick up the ball.

You can ensure a good pace of the game by keeping the distance of half a hole between the group in front and Yours.

Your turn will come

Golfers hit the ball in a certain order to avoid mass confusion. Therefore, you should know when it’s time for your strike. Traditionally, the player who shows the best score has the right to start the game first. The next shot belongs to the player whose ball is farther from the hole than the others. At the same time, within each group, it is quite possible to agree on a game of “ready golf”: everyone can hit the ball, ready to hit the player.

If all the balls are on the putting green, remember the flag. The player whose ball is closest to the hole takes the flag out of the glass. If not all players can clearly see the hole, you can start” servicing ” the flag: and prepare to get it out of the glass in the process of approaching the ball to the hole.

When the game is over, the player who first put the ball in the hole returns the flag to the Cup.

Keep others safe

If the ball after hitting flies in the direction of people, a warning cry of the word ” Fore!”- more than in the order of things. This cry should be as loud as possible and not prolonged. Your task is to warn others in time. Indicating the direction of the ball with words, for example, ” For right!”, You can specify who exactly should be more careful. And one more thing: shout without embarrassment, regardless of whether the ball reaches others or not.

Respect for the Golf course

A field that is ready to play is someone’s Titanic work. You are required to take care of this work. Specify where you can ride a Golf cart and where you can’t. Is it allowed to drive on the grass or should you leave the vehicle on the track. However, you can not move on the square near the putting green in any case.

If a divot (part of the grass cover) was knocked out on the field when hitting with a stick, it should be returned to its place and tightly pressed down or filled in the resulting depression with a mixture of seeds and sand, which is on the square or at the caddy.

Punches on the putting green create dents from balls. Partners on the field will tell you how to solve this problem correctly.

After the ball is knocked out of the bunker, you should level the sand in it.

Know their place

Keep in mind that hitting with a stick does not give the most pleasant sensations. Therefore, golfers are very demanding about where and who should stand. And then, the fear of hitting someone standing next to you makes it difficult to concentrate before the blow.

Stand slightly behind the ball or to the side a few meters away. When hitting a player from the bunker, advance to a safe distance. Balls in this case have a habit of flying at lightning speed and in an unpredictable direction.

You should not stand on the putt line on the green. Also, when moving on the green, do not step on the putt lines of other players.

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