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Clubs with perimeter weighting have additional weight, which is distributed along the outer edge of the front surface of the club – on the sole and toe. This additional weighting perfectly saves in a situation where the wrong shot is made. The extra weight makes the concussion smaller and transfers most of the mass of the head in front of the ball, allowing for more accurate and long-range strikes. Today, most Golf clubs are weighted around the perimeter.

Many players use weighting in their practice, it can help out in many situations. At the same time, when purchasing a similar stick, it is necessary to find out exactly where the weighting is located, since different manufacturers distribute it differently. This allows you to achieve high and low blows.

Rod material

Most often today, steel or graphite is used for the production of club rods. Graphite rods are lighter, but not as strong as steel. Steel rods are heavier and stronger. This type of stick is the most durable. Their surface is not covered with paint, so it is very difficult to scratch them, and they are incredibly resistant to mechanical damage.


Today, a large number of different companies are engaged in the manufacture of Golf clubs. Each brand has its own prices and characteristics for this sports equipment. For those who want to seriously engage in this sport, it is best to buy clubs from those companies that have the highest quality standards. Voods can be purchased in different brands, but the irons must be of the same brand. This will allow you to adjust your swing every time.


If you are a beginner and your technique is not sufficiently developed, it is recommended to purchase woods with a large angle of inclination of the impact surface (loft). The larger the loft, the easier it is to aim the ball high, which means a smoother flight. Accordingly, you should choose drivers with a loft of at least 10 degrees, as well as frame woods of at least 17 degrees.

The world’s leading manufacturers of Golf clubs

A huge selection of Golf clubs is offered today by the manufacturers ‘ market. Choosing a particular brand, you choose a unique equipment, as the clubs of one company differ in many ways from the same product of another manufacturer.

Today, there are many companies in the market of manufacturers of Golf clubs. Among them:

Standard Golf

The company was founded more than 90 years ago and is a leading international manufacturer of Golf equipment. The company has a huge range of accessories and sports equipment that can also be custom-made.


It is a world leader in sales of professional Golf equipment. Excellent product quality provides the best characteristics for a productive game of Golf.


Wittek entered the market in 1946. Its task was to produce the highest quality equipment for the driving range, as well as excellent woods.

Dynamic Brands

This parent organization, which includes such firms as Bag Boy, AMF, Baby Jogger Company. These companies have been working on the global Golf equipment market for several decades. The combination of high quality and affordable prices are the most important characteristics of Dynamic brands Golf equipment.

When choosing equipment of a certain brand, you should always pay attention to whether this inventory is suitable for you personally, since the brand does not matter much if the stick is not comfortable for you.

Set of Golf clubs

For more than a hundred years, Golf has been using basically the same set of clubs. The standard set includes 3 woods (#1, # 3, and # 5), 10 irons (#2 to #9, PW-Pitching Wedge, and SW-sand wedge), and, of course, Pater.

However, it must be remembered that for each person, a set of clubs can be purely individual. You need to take into account your parameters, skills and skill of the game, swing, force of impact. A set of Golf clubs depends on all these factors.

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