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India. Golf with obstacles

If at the mention of India, you have the idea that everything sings and dances there, which by definition can not do it, then believe me, this extraordinary country is fraught with much more unexpected surprises. Unlike the average tourist, the golfer will discover India from a very surprising side, because at his disposal will be incredible fields: the oldest Golf course abroad in the UK, the highest 18-hole course in the world, fields in the deserts, on the banks of the Holy Ganges, in the Palace of the Maharajah and against the backdrop of the majestic Taj Mahal. All Golf clubs have excellent transport links, and accommodation will meet the highest requirements.

The” Golden triangle”, which includes the three main tourist cities of India – Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-is the most popular route for golfers. Not inferior in importance to the capital itself, the Delhi Golf club is located on 88 hectares and on its fairways, monuments and tombstones commemorate the Afghan Lodi dynasties of the medieval era. About 300 species of migratory birds and peacocks performing the “rain dance” will give you an unforgettable experience.

Especially gamblers will appreciate the 18 holes of the field-it is par -72, 6320 m. They will have to pass a lot of obstacles: steep ascents and slopes, depressions, clay hills, high places, bunkers and thorny bushes.

Back in the colonial era, the British set up Golf courses in the main cities of India. Only in Simla, the attempt was unsuccessful due to the rocky terrain. However, a solution was found, and the Golf course was pitched in Nalder, 23 km from the mountain resort and summer capital of the British.

In Nalder, links Golf course has 9 holes (par-68) and is located in a grove of Himalayan cedars. The holes can also be passed in reverse order to bring their number up to 18. Complicate the game will be rocks with greens on the edges, water barriers and the temple.

You can touch the Holy of holies of India by going to Varanasi, where Varanasi GorkhaGolf Club is located on the banks of the Ganges. Perhaps this is the answer to the question of what true spiritual renewal is and why Hindus are so drawn to the waters of this sacred river.

Those who gravitate to Royal luxury, Calcutta invites to its Royal Golf Club. The first Golf club to be opened outside the UK, this Golf club received the title Royal in 1911 from the hands of king Goerg V and Queen Mary, who visited India. Many Golf stars, presidents of different countries and other distinguished guests played on this award-winning course.

Players on the Royal GolfClub field will have to pass natural and artificial water obstacles. The most difficult to overcome are two ponds across the 10th fairway (457 yards, par 4). On this hole, the trajectory of the ball from the tee passes over the first pond and extends for 230 yards. The greens on this field are relatively small, but the undulation of most of them requires thorough skill. For fans of bowling, the club has a special lawn. It was opened in the 19th century to please those who want to drive balls with wooden clubs.

The tollygungeclub Golf club is located opposite the Royal Calcutta. The vast territory of the club in 1781 was occupied by an Indigo plantation owned by the pioneers of farming in India-the Johnson family. In addition to Golf, equestrian sports flourished at the club. Still TollygungeClub holds competitions at the kennel, and the steeple chezu. The club also offers a billiard room, two swimming pools, seven tennis courts, two squash courts, two bars, a restaurant and a dining room.

Shillong GolfClub is located in the area of the most famous mountain resort in India – Shillong (North of Calcutta). It is difficult to find a better place for a club than surrounded by Himalayan cedars, pines and all sorts of blooming orchids. Probably, the same idea visited the British employees who decided in 1868 to establish ShillongGolfClub. But Shillong became a popular Golf resort among golfers from Europe only after the First world war. The Grand opening of the Golf club building and the 18-hole course took place in 1924.

Wellington, Uthakamand (oti) and Kodaikanal in South India are the “Mecca” for golfers no less than Shillong and Simla. Surrounded by mountain landscapes of the high class field was created by the planters, which, along with the popularization of Golf in the region was grown spices and tea.

Kodaikanal GolfClub is located in the Palani mountains at an altitude of 1800 m above sea level. The 18-hole (par-66), surrounded by pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg plantations, is crossed by streams in different directions and covered with natural lawn.

Coimatore GolfClub claims to be the best Golf course in India. The city of Coimbatore, located at the foot of the Nilgiri mountains, is a kind of gateway to the oti mountain resort. Due to the large number of textile factories, the city was named “Manchester of the East”. Between Uthakamand and Coimbatore is Wellington, an army town that owns the Wellington GymkhanaClub with a 9-hole course.

Other major cities in India, such as Bangalore, Chennai (Madras) and Mumbai (Bombay) can also offer high-class Golf courses and excellent living conditions that are not inferior to other cities in the world. Founded in 1897, the Mumbai Presidency GolfClub is located on 44 hectares. the Greens on the field of this club are undoubtedly the best in India. The main test that can puzzle even a player with experience – the wind from the sea, changing direction.

Similar feelings are expected by the players at the Chennai GymkhanaClub, which is located near the groves of Casuarina and palm trees. Playing on this field, located in the 2400-meter oval of the Guindy Racecourse, will not be easy even for a professional.

Another of the oldest Indian Golf clubs was established in 1896 in Bangalore. For the past year, an inter-club tournament has been held on its field. In those days, when trains and planes did not exist even in the project, desperate Golf enthusiasts traveled many kilometers on ox sleds or on horseback to participate in such competitions.

Those who have already visited India as Golf tourists will agree that the experience of playing in this country is incomparable. Everything that surrounds you is imbued with an exotic flavor: only elephants are worth it, walking slowly along the fairway, not confused by your expectation of the start of the game on their own ti. And, of course, taking into account all the tests prepared by the Indian Golf courses, you can return from the trip not only with a baggage of bright impressions, but also with a decent experience in the game.

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