The rules of mini Golf
As a rule, mini Golf is popular with those who are looking for entertainment in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It also exists as a more serious competitive sport in various…

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Top 5 highest paid golfers
The profits of professional athletes have increased significantly over the past 20 years. The average player on the PGA Tour can earn a very comfortable life without even winning a…

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A coward doesn't play Golf. Ice the contest.
"A coward does not play Golf"-this is how a familiar phrase can now sound in a new way. And all because playing Golf on ice is only possible for those…

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How to spin a ball

Trimming the ball gives it reverse rotation. A clipping shot will give the ball a high trajectory and allow it to fly a greater distance. Also, the ball with a cut when falling to the ground will not roll further, but will stop almost immediately. A few tips on how to spin the ball.

Explore the grass.
Make sure the grass is short enough. High grass will interfere with the ball’s spin.

Select the ball.
Give preference to a soft-coated ball. The ball with a hard coating are more difficult to tweak.

Select a stick.
Choose a club with a high lift. If possible, use a LOB wedge or sand wedge. The higher the angle of the stick, the higher the ball will fly.

Make sure that the surface of the club head is not erased and is free of dirt. Take a new wedge or contact a specialist to replace the head cover if it has worn off.

Position relative to the ball.
Stand with the ball near Your back foot.

Put your feet closer together than with a normal kick.

Place the club high behind your back.

Hit the bottom of the ball. Make sure that the stick does not touch the ground before the ball.

After the impact, a long, shallow trail should remain on the ground.

After the blow, continue to swing. Keep your wrists straight.


The number of lifts on the stick indicates how vertically the head of the stick is positioned. To understand what a rise is, imagine a line perpendicular to the ground. When the club reaches this line during the stroke, the head of the club will deviate from the perpendicular line. The rise of the club is the angle between the perpendicular line and the head of the club.
The ball can be given a lateral rotation. However, golfers usually try to avoid this. Due to lateral rotation, the ball may move away from the goal.
The ideal angle of flight of the ball is 45 degrees. It is this angle that will allow the ball to cover the longest distance.

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