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8 reasons why Golf is good for presidents

There are many reasons why it is useful for a President to go out on the Golf course, starting with the physical and emotional balance that Golf provides, and ending with the effective communications of politicians on the field. Here are eight arguments in favor of that presidents don’t have to apologize for playing Golf.

We have known about Donald trump’s close relationship with Golf for a long time: the 45th President of the United States became famous throughout the world as an active developer of Golf courses. Since the inauguration of the trump already played six times. But that’s not the problem: the new us President was one of the most ardent opponents of frequent Golf rounds of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

So who is right? In fact, when it comes to Golf, both are right.

1. Golf as fitness

Given the intensity of the President’s work, he should stick to a healthy lifestyle. But like many residents of Russia, Donald trump does not often visit the gym, although in 70 years the question of physical form is very relevant. That’s why Golf for trump is an ideal option for visiting the sport.

As Golf Digest editor Ron Kasprisk pointed out in 2014, you can burn 1,500 calories during a four-hour round, which is comparable to a good bike workout on the highway. In addition, research by the Scottish University of Edinburgh shows that Golf stimulates metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and can give you at least five more years of life.

“We state that the moderate physical activity that Golf provides increases life expectancy,” explains Andrew Murray, head of the Edinburgh Golf & Health project. “Golf can help prevent and treat serious diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, breast cancer, and colon cancer.”

2. Golf brings together world leaders in an informal setting

President Eisenhower saw Golf as a way to establish international relations.

“Not only am I very fond of Golf –” he said, ” I am also convinced that through various kinds of meetings, activities on the field, we will do something to overcome the difficulties and tensions that our imperfect world is subject to.”

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the speaker of the house of representatives, John Boehner, in the midst of a tough political confrontation, put aside the question of their party affiliation and met on the Golf course to reach a consensus.

A year ago, Donald trump said that if he takes the presidency, he will use Golf when interacting with world leaders and his colleagues, which he has already demonstrated in practice, playing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago.

3. Presidents also need to rest

We are all people, not machines, so presidents need to rest periodically.

“Leaders should rest mentally, not just physically –” bill Clinton shared with Golf Digest in 2012. – They need exercise, fresh air, something that will literally take them away from their usual activities.”

4. Golf improves sleep

Trump mentioned that he sleeps three to four hours a day. At his age, and with so much responsibility on his shoulders, he should sleep more.

Golf is also useful in this regard. The University of Pennsylvania studied the sleep habits of nearly half a million adults, asking how long they slept and what exercises they did.

Golf, along with yoga and running, proved to be one of the best stimulants for sound sleep.

5. Golf teaches humility

This clearly does not apply to Trump, but nevertheless deciding not to hit through the water on the 8th hole in tseleevo is a wise decision, extra risk and ambition can harm the score.

Obviously, you need to have a strong inner ego to convince not only yourself, but also others that you can become the leader of a great country. Once on the throne, it is easy to surrender to power, ceasing to remember what an example you should set for your people. In such a situation, it is easy to stumble if you do not feel the situation and do not stop in time.

As the English writer Pelham Wodehouse said:

“Golf can be seen as a remedy for sinful pride. I associate the mad pride of the later Roman emperors with the fact that they never played Golf.”

6. Golf relieves tension

Thanks to Golf, a person can take a break, free his mind. An article by the European Institute of Golf Course Architects States that Golf, combining fresh air, walking, social life and competition, ” causes the release of endorphins, which increases mood, chemical processes in the brain make you happy and relaxed.”

7. Golf creates a sense of closeness to the President

Previously, presidents – especially John F. Kennedy – tried to hide their connection with Golf, fearing its elite “RAID”, and hence-the wariness of society. However, this understanding is outdated. 90% of golfers in the United States play on public fields-Golf in America has a “people’s” face.

Many presidents have been Golf ambassadors. Eisenhower’s work helped popularize Golf in post-war America. Gerald Ford was the first member of the us Golf Association, which now has about four million golfers.

George H. W. Bush, whose father and grandfather had been presidents of the Association, was known for his short game, which is nice pleasing partners in flight.

Bush played an important role in Golf and after his presidency, participated in the Association’s Golf programs-First Tee, USGA Museum, and Archives council.

Bill Clinton was an avid golfer, when I was in the position of President of the United States. His Foundation collaborated with the PGA tour as part of a well-known charity tournament, now called the CareerBuilder Challenge.

Golf has United the ruling circles and voters/subjects in many countries of the world. Perhaps no sport has succeeded as well as Golf.

8. Golf is a source of happiness

Golf is a correlation between high performance and pleasure. As stated by a Harvard scholar – Sean ahor, author of the book Happiness Advantage:

“While playing Golf, when you are in a good mood, your brain can use all its energy to focus on self-development and finding new opportunities.”

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