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Five tips for playing a round of Golf in two hours

Slow play in Golf. This problem is already full of teeth, but it has a solution. Here are five simple tips to help you play a Golf round in less than two hours.

Strike, and then say

No, you don’t need to run between beats or even walk fast to get within two hours.

You don’t need to strike five seconds after you reach the ball. You just need to get rid of routine habits that eat up a few minutes of your time and the time of your teammates on each hole.

Multiply this by 18: now the goal to pass the field in 120 minutes looks real.

Tip #1. First punch, then help

Your partner took a shot and sent the ball into deep thickets. Don’t run immediately to help look for his ball.

Perform your strike first, and then join the search. Perhaps, by that time, your partner will already find the ball, and if not, you have already completed your shot in any case.

Tip #2. First punch, then say

There are players who start telling stories or interesting stories before they hit.

All attention is focused on them, all golfers are standing near the tee, so it’s time to put your ball, slowly get the driver and poison jokes. Don’t be afraid to politely tell your teammates: “We first perform a hit, and then we start talking.”

Prepare for the impact in advance

Tip #3. Reduce your routine

All golfers have their own routines before hitting. If you need to perform a training swing, then do it, but only one.

It is not necessary to prepare for a blow for a few minutes. Yes, the pre-kick routine is important, but if you can reduce it to a minimum, then do it out of respect for your teammates and their time.

Tip #4. Be ready to strike

Many players start preparing for a kick only when it’s their turn to hit the ball.

And it is at this point that they think about which club to take, study the wind, check the distance to the hole, put on a glove, and so on.

Why? You can do all this in advance, as long as your partner performs the blow. Your ball is already on the field, you have all the information, so decide in advance which club you will hit and what kind of kick you will perform. When it’s your turn, just go to the ball and hit it.

Tip #5. Smart planning

You’ve probably come across players who left their bags or Golf carts irrationally.

They made a putt, then walked toward the bag or car, and then walked or drove in the opposite direction toward the tee of the next hole. Think about it in advance. Leave the car in the part of the green where the next tee is located. Reduce unnecessary distances.

All of these tips will help you complete a Golf round much faster.

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