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“Meet by clothes” or the unwritten dress code in Golf

There are no official documented rules regarding Golf attire to date. However, all who fall into the society of fans of this aristocratic game, still face certain foundations that prevail in these circles. The appearance of a golfer both on the field and just inside the club is one of the expressions of respect for the other participants.

The dress code requirements may differ from club to club. For example, in countries with dominant democratic traditions, you can see a Golf player in jeans on a municipal field. At the same time, closed private clubs regulate from the depth of the cutout on women’s blouses to the color and length of men’s socks.

However, the basic rules that apply to most Golf clubs around the world still exist.

First, the sports uniform of a self-respecting golfer is always clean and neat. The standard version of the men’s wardrobe is slacks with a good cut and a Polo shirt with any length of sleeve. For women, a Polo shirt (possibly without a sleeve), trousers or a skirt are also acceptable. For comfort reasons, in case of hot weather, both men and women can wear shorts.

Going directly to the field involves the presence of special shoes with removable spikes and a corrugated sole.

When deciding to wear shorts, you should decide on the choice of socks: they are usually white, length to the knee or slightly above the ankle.

Many hours of exposure to the sun implies the presence of a visor, baseball cap or hat. Any headdress should have a wide brim or a large visor. And, of course, to completely protect your eyes, it will be difficult to do without dark glasses that protect against ultraviolet light.

Given that there is “no bad weather” for playing Golf, it is necessary to stock up on a windbreaker and a waterproof set of clothes. Of course, nothing should restrict movement and cause discomfort during the game.

Despite the above-mentioned subtleties of the dress code, you should not worry about a possible discrepancy between the colors of socks or cut of shorts to the standards of certain clubs. If you have Golf clothing from well-known manufacturers, you can be sure that it meets current trends and will be approved by the most demanding Golf clubs.

Returning to the topic of principles and rules of good manners, you should pay attention to the points that are unacceptable for visitors to Golf clubs:

* Denim clothing is not recommended for visits to many Golf clubs.

· It is not customary to wear a baseball cap with the visor back. And in the club room, it should be removed at all, even if it is correctly put on.

* Camouflage pants and trousers with patch pockets will also have to be discarded during the game and during the presence in the club.

* Women’s tops, t-shirts and tank tops go beyond the dress code. Applications and large prints on shirts should not be. It is absolutely unacceptable to be on the field in swimsuits.

* The shirt should be worn tucked into trousers with a belt, and never out of the way.

Tying up shorts or sweatpants with tape is not allowed.

* Studded shoes are not suitable for spending time inside a club or in a restaurant.

* Changing clothes right in the Parking lot, next to the car is considered bad form, given the presence of changing rooms.

The dress code rules and other requirements of the selected Golf club can be found on the phone or on the website, thus saving yourself from the fear of getting into an awkward situation.

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