Green spaces
The landscaping project can be implemented at the request of the customer. Existing vegetation is removed and other plant species are planted. However, choosing a site with natural vegetation included…

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8 reasons why Golf is good for presidents
There are many reasons why it is useful for a President to go out on the Golf course, starting with the physical and emotional balance that Golf provides, and ending…

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"Meet by clothes" or the unwritten dress code in Golf
There are no official documented rules regarding Golf attire to date. However, all who fall into the society of fans of this aristocratic game, still face certain foundations that prevail…

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General concepts of etiquette in Golf

Etiquette is an extremely important part of the game of Golf. The etiquette that golfers observe in relation to each other on the course is one of the distinctive features of Golf. But what is etiquette?

Etiquette has a direct bearing on manners. Whether it’s behavior at the dinner table, at school, in the family, or at the movie theater with friends, etiquette is always important. By being polite, we show other people that we respect and value them.

Golf is a game that requires a lot of concentration. And it will be difficult to make a putt or get into a narrow fairway with a tee if someone nearby is laughing, making noise, swinging a stick, handing out their business cards, or running around the tee or green.

There are several rules of etiquette that apply to all situations on the Golf course and in training areas. There are also separate rules of etiquette developed for certain circumstances, especially when playing on the green. Now we will look at the General provisions of Golf etiquette.


The most important rule of Golf etiquette is safety. This rule applies to both beginners and professionals. In this case, you need common sense and an understanding of how hard the balls and clubs are, otherwise the Golf course can become a very dangerous place. So here are some safety rules that you should always follow on the Golf course:

It is not necessary to work out a swing in front of another person (stones, twigs or grass can get into his eye, besides it is just rude!)

Don’t swing your stick if someone is walking nearby-and don’t get close if someone is practicing a shot.


Silence must be observed on the Golf course. Golf requires a lot of concentration, and even if your friends are not bothered by the noise you make, remember that there are still a lot of people around you. So keep your voice down.

Walk, don’t run. When someone runs around, it’s annoying, distracting, and damaging to the field. Golfers have a quick but easy gait.

The pace of the game

People like to play Golf, so no one wants one round to last all day. If a golfer has to wait too long between shots, he gets nervous and loses his fuse. Here are some tips for maintaining a good game pace:

Before hitting, try on and swing once. (Remember: if you make 120 punches per game and each of them takes an additional 30 seconds, the game will last an hour longer.)

Think about your shot before it’s Your turn (don’t wait until your turn to start thinking about which club you will hit, whether you should try to break the water barrier or better get around it – prepare in advance).

When you approach the green, determine which direction the next hole is located, and leave the bag with the clubs (or your car) on the other side of the green.

If You have a car and one player is on one side of the fairway and the other is on the opposite side, land one player near his ball with several sticks and move to the next player’s ball. And so move along the fairway.

Keep up with the group in front of You. You should be ready to go out on the green as soon as they left it. Don’t worry about how close the group behind you is, but focus on keeping a reasonable distance from the group in front of you.

Kick the ball into the group in front of You

Controlling the pace of the game will help you keep up with the group in front, and you won’t delay the groups playing behind You. But don’t overdo it, you have to make sure that Your ball doesn’t hit the group ahead of You. If you hit a ball into one of the players in that group, it can create a very awkward situation, so make sure that all golfers are outside the range of Your shot.

There are golfers who are very annoyed if the group ahead is playing very slowly, and they can be understood. However, you should never try to adjust the group by launching balls at them. If you are tired of waiting, go to them and ask them to speed up the game.

Playing through a group

Playing through another group is one of the most difficult and controversial parts of Golf. One of the main difficulties is that often the group through which the game is played is accused of playing slowly, and they usually resent this, even if it is true. So if you’re going to ask another group to let You play through them, do it as politely as possible and at a convenient time in the round.

Here are some hints about playing through another group:

Before you ask the group in front for permission to play through them, make sure that there is enough space for Your passage. (If there is another group immediately behind this group, they will naturally refuse to let You pass and will be angry that You have disturbed them.)

When playing through a group, try to be as polite and quick as possible. If You miss (which is often due to extra moral pressure when you play through a group), don’t take extra tries, just put the ball where it was last and keep playing.

If you play slowly and think the group behind You could play through You, suggest it to them. It is most convenient to do this when you are on the green. Wave at them, step aside, and let them hit their balls on the green. While they are coming to the green, make a putt. And on the next hole, skip them first on the tee.

Play ready-made Golf if you have the opportunity

If You are not currently taking part in a tournament or any other competition, it is a good idea to play “ready-made Golf”. Ready Golf means that a golfer who is ready to make a putt can make it, even if he is not the furthest from the hole. Just tell your group that you are going to play ready-made Golf. This way they won’t think You just don’t know the rules. Ready-made Golf is a good opportunity for a golfer to move forward quickly.

Ready-made Golf can really help you get ahead, but before you hit, make sure everyone in the group knows What you’re going to hit and that You know where all the members of the group are. You don’t want to hit a “gawking” golfer with a ball or have several players hit at the same time.

Golf carts

You don’t need a driver’s license to drive a Golf cart, but you do need common sense and a lot of respect for the field and the players on it.

If you are driving a car, drive at a moderate speed and keep an eye on the golfers on Your way.

Depending on weather conditions and other factors, there are different rules regarding the use of cars on the field. Be sure to follow the field rules, such as:

In no case do not move off the tracks – this rule works if the ground is very wet, and the tires of the car can damage the grass of the fairway.

90-degree rule-this rule requires that You do not move off the track until you are level (at a 90-degree angle) with Your ball. After that, you can drive the cart directly to the ball. After making a hit, you must return to the track in your tracks. Compliance with this rule minimizes damage to the fairway grass and allows golfers to drive directly to their balls.

Always, under all circumstances, keep your cars away from the greens and from the tee areas. Often, a special marking is made on the field for Parking cars.

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8 reasons why Golf is good for presidents
There are many reasons why it is useful for a President to go out on the Golf course, starting with the physical and emotional balance that Golf provides, and ending…


Golf clothing in history
Today, male golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with the logos of…


Golf clothing in history
Today, male golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with the logos of…