India. Golf with obstacles
If at the mention of India, you have the idea that everything sings and dances there, which by definition can not do it, then believe me, this extraordinary country is…

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Golf for the blind
Golf for the blind is strictly regulated by the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf club, St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association. They issued a "Modification of…

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Clubs with perimeter weighting have additional weight, which is distributed along the outer edge of the front surface of the club – on the sole and toe. This additional weighting…

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How to hold a Golf club

There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique for yourself. Any of the following methods will help you increase your accuracy and range. To find out which type of grip is best for You, follow these simple guidelines.

Method 1: Basic grip

The position of the stick. Put the end of the stick on the ground with the flat side facing the ball you are going to hit.

Take the stick with your left hand. Relax your hand and place the grip (stick handle) on the inside of your fingers. The end of the grip should lie at the base of the little finger, and pass diagonally to the base of the index finger.
Put your left thumb on the grip. Imagine that you are standing on the clock face, and the stick in Your hand shows 12. Put your thumb through the grip for 1 hour. If you look at the hand from above, only the knuckles of the middle and index fingers should be visible.
Put your right hand below your left (closer to the center). Grasp the grip in the same way as with your left hand.
Put your thumb of the right hand. Imagine the dial again. The right palm should be above the nail of the left thumb, and the right thumb should point at 11 o’clock.
Method 2: Using different grips

Try a 10-finger (or baseball) grip. To do this, take the grip with your right hand so that there is no space between the fingers of both hands.
This grip is often used by beginners, players with short arms, and players with arthritis.

Try the Verdon grip. To do this, put the little finger of the right hand on top of the left hand between the index and middle fingers.
The Verdon grip is the most common and versatile.

This grip is especially suitable for people with large hands.

Try a cross-grip. To do this, put the little finger of the right hand under the index and middle fingers of the left hand.
This grip is often recommended for younger players or weaker players, but is used by many prominent golfers.

This grip is best suited for players with medium hands.


These are instructions for right-handed players. If you are left-handed, just do the opposite.
A strong grip can help increase the strike distance and reduce the number of cuts. This can be achieved by turning the weak (non-leading) hand to the back leg.
A weak grip will help you avoid hitting the ball with the stick. To do this, turn the weak hand to the front leg.
Grip strength is a very important factor. The stick should be held so that it does not slip out Of your hands, but no more. Some say it’s like holding an egg or a chick.
If you can’t get your stick in full contact with the ball, you may need to strengthen your grip. You don’t need to change the grip type to do this. Simply turn the club approximately 30 degrees to the front leg, and then return it to its original position. At the same time, you will involuntarily put your hands and arms in a stronger position.

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