Golf is what the doctor ordered!
The positive impact of sport on a person's physical condition was recognized in the days of Ancient Rome and Greece. However, the first scientific research in this area can only…

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How to hold a Golf club
There are three main ways to hold a Golf club. Choose the most comfortable technique for yourself. Any of the following methods will help you increase your accuracy and range.…

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"Normal flight." Golf in the air
Can a refined aristocrat, a connoisseur of social fun at heart be a desperate extreme, hungry for heights and adrenaline? Even as you can! - participants of a unique air…

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Playing on the field and indoors. Is there a big difference?

You can only make a decision in favor of a particular way of playing by comparing all the nuances inherent in each of them. However, let’s start with what unites Golf in an open space and in artificial conditions:

· The basic principle is the same for both versions of Golf: “I made a good shot – I had fun.”

* Clubs and balls-familiar

· The main opponent is one-field or simulator

· The technique of hitting the ball is similar

* Play and chat


· In the simulator, the ball hits the screen after hitting it for 3-5 m. The continuation of the flight is shown in a 3D copy of the real field. These meters are enough to accurately calculate the direction of flight of the ball.

* The Golf simulator is constantly hitting from an artificial surface, and as a result of recalculation, the program affects the flight of the ball. However, the principle of “playing against the field” is preserved here.

· The initial flight of the ball (3-5 m) actually takes place in ideal conditions-without wind or rain. The program itself makes adjustments

* Strikes in the simulator are usually made from a flat surface. Only some stimulators have the ability to model (tilt) the field.

Simulator features:

. * Golf simulator will not replace you playing in nature in many nuances, this is a fact. However, given that nature is not always favorable, the simulator will be very useful. Especially after the impact, you can contemplate a high-quality HD image and almost believe in the reality of what you saw.

* The simulator is Golf where it is convenient for you: at home, in the office and other places. There is no need to spend time on the road to the Golf club and back, to stand in traffic. Playing the simulator involves hitting from the same place, and the program moves you to the landing site. At the same time, the pace of the game increases: 45 minutes-an hour, if you play one 18 holes, and not about 4-5 hours. Such time savings are expensive in the modern world. For example, South Korean screengolf fans have time to play 3-4 times a week. The number and results of Korean golfers speak for themselves.

· The fact that you are dealing with the program opens up a lot of possibilities: you are able to see all the details of the contact of the stick with the ball-speed, angles, distance of flight of the ball, and more. You can also make a video of your strike and send it to the instructor for comments.

· You have a chance to play on virtual copies of different fields of the world and the game process will never be monotonous. Moreover, there are elite fields that are difficult and expensive to get to.

· Playing the simulator, you can be a participant of the tournament without leaving your home and without inviting tournament . The program will record the results of your game, save them and compare them with other participants.

Given the above, I want to sum up … the Simulator, of course, will not give you the full range of impressions from playing Golf, which you will get on the field, however, as a convenient option to play more often and improve your skills – this is a very good choice.

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