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Test yourself: the 10 hardest Golf courses from GolfNow

With new year’s and Christmas holidays, it’s easy to forget about Golf, focusing instead on decorating the Christmas tree, cooking and eating festive meals, and having nice family moments.

But it’s also a great time to prepare for next season and set goals for yourself. For example, why not test yourself and play on one of the 10 courses that were rated by golfers as the most difficult. Call accepted?

1. Hammock beach-field Conservatory (palm coast, Florida)

7 110 meters; par 72; slope: 150; rating: 78.2

Designed by one of the greatest golfers on the coast, Tom Watson, the Conservatory course on Hammock beach pays homage to the British style of playing on the coast. One of the most highly rated fields in Florida in terms of difficulty will provide you with more than 28 hectares of lakes, nearly 60 sand, turf and shell bunkers, and significant elevation differences.

2. Princeville in Hanalei-Prince field (Princeville, Hawaii)

6,746 meters; par 72; slope: 140; rating: 76.2

For almost a quarter of a century, Prince field, built by Robert Trent Jones Jr., has been considered extremely demanding in terms of accuracy, distance control, and field possession. Strategy here is a necessity, because many holes will have to Wade through water, trees and other obstacles.

The hilly landscape of the field forces golfers to focus on accurately calculating where the ball stops. Since the field is located near the Pacific ocean, the game is also affected by strong winds. Due to “great difficulties on almost every hole”, GolfNow users recommend taking “a dozen balls” with them. Another player mentions that golfers should “evaluate all options before each stroke” because “You will rarely be able to get on a straight line.”

3. Crystal Springs Golf club (Hamburg, new Jersey)

6 225 meters long; par 72; slope: 137, rating: 74.1

Compared to most of the other fields on this list, Crystal Springs is not particularly long, but its fairways are quite narrow and surrounded by mounds – the hallmark of designer Robert von Hagge. Mounds all over the field, even near the greens. As a result, golfers must show high accuracy when calculating the location of the ball.

Golfers must also avoid water obstacles on five holes and approximately 60 bunkers. Reviewers say that “attacking strikes are often very difficult to execute” because “the greens are arranged in tiers”.

4. Eagles Nest Golf club (maple, Ontario, Canada)

6,836 meters; par 72, slope: 140; rating: 76.2

Eagles Nest is considered one of Canada’s best public fields. Bunkers, sand dunes and hilly fairways will make even the owners of the most accurate strikes work. Holes three through seven are particularly difficult because they have a valley slope and are surrounded by white canadian pines.

Golfers often find it very difficult to adjust to sudden changes in the pitch’s elevation. In addition to elevation changes, fairways and grass bunkers, golfers will also encounter greens that “appear out of nowhere,” according to one GolfNow reviewer, which will allow them to thoroughly test themselves and their skill.

5. Echelon Golf club (alfaretta, Georgia)

6,911 meters; par 72; slope: 154; rating: 77.8

The Echelon course is currently public, attracting golfers with its elegant beauty and precise play. In addition to the frightening length of the field, Echelon is also known for its many water obstacles, hilly fairways, and elevation changes.

Golfers will often encounter uneven fairways and fast greens, so distance control, accuracy, and patience are important here, especially during attacking shots. As one GolfNow golfer pointed out, “it’s better to give your all here, otherwise you can ruin your rating.”

6. Ranch Golf club (San Jose, California)

6,086 meters; par 72; slope: 152; rating 72.9

With one of the highest slope ratings in California, the Ranch field will test even the most qualified golfers. From hilly terrain and canyons to lakes and streams, Ranch offers all kinds of obstacles, forcing players to use their imagination and field skills to get on the greens.

We should also note the signature hole of this field-No. 15. Not only is the green multi-tiered, right in its center is a bunker. “Laser accuracy” is a “necessity” on most holes, since “some fairways are only 13 meters wide”.

7. Shattuck Golf club (Jeffrey, new Hampshire)

6,185 meters; par 71; slope: 153; rating: 73.5

Surrounded by natural wetlands, reservoirs, and swamps, the Shattuck field requires microscopic precision, as the fairways are mostly very narrow. Accurate attacking strikes are also extremely important, as fairways are often surrounded by birches, oaks, and pines.

On the tee, most golfers prefer to use an iron or wood for driving to avoid the risk of hitting obstacles. You may lose a bit in distance, but you will gain in the number of strokes if you focus on possession of the field, and not on the force of the blow. One GolfNow reviewer said that if a golfer can ” calculate the position of their ball, it will be an interesting field.”

8. Old Corkscrew Golf club (Estero, Florida)

6,760 meters; par 72; slope: 153; rating: 77.6

Jack Niklos ‘ signature Golf course, Old Corkscrew, is not only long, but also quite narrow, so drivers and irons will be useful for golfers here. The fairways of the field are surrounded by cypresses, oaks, and pines, and the greens are hard and fast. Consequently, golfers are often required to perform offensive shots of the woods to get to the greens.

In addition to trees, players also often encounter bunkers and water barriers on the sides of fairways. So it’s not strange that one of our golfers advised “hitting straight” because there are “a lot of problems behind the fairway.”

9. PGA WEST-TPC Stadium field (La QUINTA, California)

6,675 meters; par 72; slope: 150; rating: 76.1

Recognizable from many of Pete dye’s other projects, the TPC Stadium field has numerous bunkers on both greens and fairways, water barriers and hills. Much like TPC Sawgrass, the course is known for its last holes – hole 17, par-three island, the green is known as “Alcatraz”, and hole 18, 401 meters, par-four surrounded on the left by water.

TPC Stadium is the former base of the PGA TOUR’s Q-School Finals, whose main difficulties are “strategically placed lakes, large sand traps in key locations, and sloped fairways”.

10. Lionhead Golf & Country Club-Legends course (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

6,787 meters; par 72; slope: 155; rating: 77.5

Previously rated as the third most challenging Golf course in North America, Legends shows a wide variety of obstacles from bunkers and lakes to ravines and rivers that will make even professionals sweat. A lot of fairways are hilly, which leads to positional play when attacking strikes.

To make matters worse, greens are often surrounded by bunkers. GolfNow reviewers suggest that golfers “be realistic when choosing a club” because this field will require them to “all skill”, making them “forget about their ego”.

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