General concepts of etiquette in Golf
Etiquette is an extremely important part of the game of Golf. The etiquette that golfers observe in relation to each other on the course is one of the distinctive features…

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How to clean a Golf club
After the day's swings, chips, and putts, your clubs probably won't look good. And one of the tricks of Golf is their correct and timely cleaning. Not only will your…

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Golf clothing in history
Today, male golfers prefer to wear Polo shirts with knitted collars paired with loose trousers or shorts. The head is covered with baseball caps or visors with the logos of…

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Equipment for the game

Every aspiring golfer is faced with the problem of choice. How not to make a mistake and not spend too much. This is what we will talk about today.

If you still have not determined the importance of Golf in your life, we advise you not to buy equipment, but to rent it at your Golf club. If you decide to include Golf in your life for a long time, we advise you to listen to the following tips.

Golf club
The beginner’s kit must have the following clubs: three “wood”clubs(Driver), nine “iron” clubs, and one “putter” club. The driver is the longest stick. Allows you to hit the ball for long distances. Beginners should give preference to the shorter of the drivers offered in the store.

Irons are the opposite of drivers. They are designed for short but accurate strokes.

And the most important thing for you will be the putter. Allow you to perform the softest short strokes. This stick is rightfully considered the “Queen of clubs”.

TIP: if you are a beginner, use gloves. They will protect your hands from calluses and help an inexperienced player to manage the stick. Natural leather gloves are expensive and wear out quickly. For the first time, we recommend buying simple synthetic ones. They are cheaper and will last you longer.

Golf ball
The package of balls is traditionally 3 pieces. It is worth consulting the seller before buying, as the balls come with different degrees of torsion.

Bags (bags) Golf course
There are 3 types of bags: Tour Bag, Cart Bag and Carry Bag. Tour Bag – the largest, roomy, made of leather. Cart Bags are used by those who drive Golf cars (maps). The ideal all – purpose bag is the Travel Golf Bag, which is easy to carry while playing.

Golf shoes
Pay attention to the Shoe’s grip on the ground. It is better if the shoes are slightly studded, which will provide you with better stability during the impact.

Golf clothing
Each Golf club has its own Charter and dress code, which should be met. Traditional Golf clothing includes Polo shirts, classic trousers, restrained colors, and Golf shoes. Women are allowed to play in pants, shorts, or a knee-length skirt. All golfers wear white socks.

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